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The Schultz Foster Family - The Schultz Foster Family

The Schultz Foster Family

♥ Children flourish in families ♥

Our Foster Journey

As the Schultz family, we have a motto that there is always room at our table for one or two more. We have a Foster home, a normal mum and dad blessed with extraordinary little humans. We invite you to follow our journey in "foster care".

Meet Our Family

Johann Schultz

Johann Schultz

"Forever Daddy"

    I am a Senior Draughtsman by trade with over 20 years experience. I specialize in emergency vehicle automotive designs. I have a great love for music, the African bushveld, nature and am a 4x4 enthusiast. I love to read and craft and am a true artist at heart. My best attribute is my loyalty and commitment to my family and especially my children. I am devoted, hardworking and hands on in every aspect of the running our home and raising the children. I love adventures, road trips, hobbies and camping. I have a big heart and believe in social justice for all. I am an advocate for foster care.

    Genevieve Schultz

    Genevieve Schultz

    "Forever Mommy"

      I obtained a Higher Diploma in Ministerial Training and Pastoral Care and Counselling. I then reinvented myself as a travel agent and lecturer after travelling the world as a young student. I started working remotely when we became parents in order to be hands on and available to the needs of the children. I am a committed, loving, nurturing wife and mother. My passion is social justice and helping those in need in our community. I enjoy working in the garden, DIY projects and planning events. I am an advocate for foster care and adoption.

      Supporting Our Community

      In spite of not being a registered charity, we have made it our mission to be involved in our local community. When we receive donations of food, clothes, toys or any baby or household items, we only take what we need and the rest goes to support mothers in the informal settlements, such as Diepkloof and Spruit as well as Olievenhoutbosch.

      HPC Ministries Donation

      HPC Ministries kindly donated a whole lot of groceries for January.
      Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

      Valhalla Community Empowerment Donation

      A massive thank you to Valhalla Community Empowerment for the food, treats and gifts donated to those in need!
      Your kindness brought the biggest smiles to many a child's face this Christmas!

      Spruit Donation

      We were blessed to be able send out a donation of clothes and toys to Spruit.

      Lions Club Centurion Donation

      The Lions Club Centurion kindly donated food to the Foster families and places of safety in our network.
      Thank you!

      Donation Drive

      These are some of the donations that came and went.
      We almost couldn't keep up!

      Mommy’s in need

      Getting parcels ready for mommy's in need - thanks to all the generous donations received!

      Spruit & Valhalla Community Empowerment Project

      We delivered baby food to mommy's and baby's in need.

      Filling some tummies

      Blessed to be able to pay it forward! Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to fill over 100 tummies with 100 loaves of bread in Spruit!

      How Can You Get Involved?

      Volunteer your time

      Volunteer your time

      ♥ You are welcome to visit our home and spend time with our family.
      Please contact us for an appointment.

      ♥ Get involved in one of our community projects by helping us gather clothing and baby items or toys to take into Spruit, Olievenhoutbosh or Laudium townships.

      ♥ Donate bread to help with our food drives.

      ♥ Volunteer your expertise.



      ♥ We welcome any donations of food, clothing, household items, toys, furniture, etc. What we don't use, we will ensure goes into the neighboring community, where the need is ever increasing.

      ♥ Any financial contributions towards the running of our home are always appreciated!

      Our banking details are:
      Mrs. G Schultz
      Capitec Bank
      Account no. 5284973006299402
      Branch code 470010

      Find the link here:
      Make payment to The Schultz Foster Family using this link
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      • A big thank you to Genevieve and Johan from Riaan and Lynette Engelbrecht for their incredibly support and love. Not only do they have a wonderful caring heart to provide a loving home for children who need it so desperately, but they have also reached out and supported others who are foster parents or who run places of Safety. Their hand is never short to assist in trying times. Since opening our home in Kempton Park to our first abandoned baby in November, this couple has truly blessed us regularly and enormously with donations. We deeply appreciate their friendship, their humanity and their respect for life. Be blessed🌹🙌

        Lynette Engelbrecht
      • As far back as I can remember all Genevieve ever wanted was a large brood of children, later a dream of an orphanage was added.
        Genevieve is finally pursuing her lifelong dream of having a home for abused and abandoned children. She waited many years and she finally found the right man Johann with the same heart who would share her dream.
        This couple as Foster Parents come highly recommended. It takes a special kind of person with a prepared heart to welcome, accept and embrace children from all walks of life as your own. This comes naturally to them, in fact their home with its play area and crafts and toys for all ages is an “institution”. Their children are well balanced and happy as they have parents with healthy boundaries but a bottomless reservoir of unconditional love and acceptance.
        May God Bless this lovely little Rainbow family!

        Maria McMenamin – Mother and Grandmother

      What is the difference between Foster Care and a Place of Safety?

      Foster Care

      If you would like to register as foster parents, you will need to be screened by a social worker (SW) in order to approve you as fit and proper to provide a stable and suitable home for a child in need of foster care.
      You will have to apply for police clearance (PC) and a form 30. Everyone over the age of 18 needs to apply.
      The term for placement is 2 years, but can be extended as deemed by the court.

      Place of Safety

      The same applies as for foster parents. Your SW will also need to apply for a Form 39 from Department Social Development (DSD). The term for placement is anything from 3 - 6 month ideally.


      Click on the link below for more information on the adoption process

      The Adoption Process


      Upcoming Events

      We are super excited to invite all you superheroes to our next Foster Family Day!!!

      Upcoming Events

      29 May to 5 June is Child Protection Week

      Upcoming Events

      31 May is World Foster Day

      Upcoming Events

      Donation Drive - Ongoing

      Celebrating Social Workers – March 2022

      Social Worker Appreciation Tea

      Christmas 2021

      We had a blessed Christmas in 2021, and were able to open our home to many children in need, thereby spreading the love and Christmas cheer even further!

      The Gingerbread Man

      A big thank you to Pretoria Children's Theatre for inviting us to watch The Gingerbread Man.
      It was so much fun!

      Gift Wrapping Event

      We spent some time over the Christmas period gift wrapping at Forest Hill Mall in order to raise funds.

      Christmas Party

      Taking The Hands Foundation sponsored last years Christmas party.
      Their generosity brought the biggest and brightest smiles to some beautiful kiddo's faces!!

      Easter Picnic

      We hosted a very successful Easter Picnic at The Schultz Family Foster Home for The Rock Place of Safety.
      A wonderful time was had by all!

      Foster Family Appreciation Parcels

      A big thank you to The Acorn Foundation and Sue for the generous hampers for each foster family in our network.
      We'd also like to thank the Lions Club of Centurion for the maize and Christmas cakes.
      We'll be sending out the hampers in the next two days!!

      Olievenhoutbosch & Spruit Mooiplaas Christmas Party

      Spreading the Christmas Cheer!

      Contact Us

      We would love for you to get in touch with us!

      Genevieve / Johann Schultz

      (+27) 081 707 6857 / (+27) 081 748 8944
      South Africa

      We are not a registered charity.
      We have legal social services screenings, a current court order for each child, current form 30's and police clearance certificates.

        Other Important Contact Details

        CMR – Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad, Valhalla

        Website - https://cmrn.co.za
        Contact number - (012) 654 6026

        Abba Specialist Adoption and Social Services

        Website - https://www.abbaadoptions.co.za
        Contact number - (012) 342 6145


        Welcome to 2022!!!

        Johann and I felt very isolated in the beginning of our Foster journey. We started opening our home and found…

        This is us - Our Family

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